New Old Angel of Darkness

I have recently noticed that there have been posted on Planetlara and on some of the forums some old concept art I did for Angel of Darkness that I thought had been lost forever. As it turns out they were published in a limited edition book that was only published in Japan. I had thought a lot of this work was gone forever as I had lost my own copies of them and I had though they had been lost by Eidos too, obviously not. It is surprising the amount of interest there still is in the game, which I guess comes from a sense of " what might have been" as much as anything.

You can see tombraiderforum thread here
and the Planet Lara stuff here

Most, though not all the work there, is mine-

Below are some of the pics....


Anonymous said…
Is a beautiful! I love Angel of Darkness and I would want to this game become renewed (remake). You have great talent - I admire you!
Toni said…
I know this is an old post, but I just stumbled upon the stuff over at Planet Lara. Fantastic! I've been a TR fan since the first game came out, but this one was the best. Hands down. The story, the characters, the style of it. Everything was awesome. I really do hope they revisit some of these ideas in future games! And the concept art is amazing! I remember looking at it when it was first released and my jaw dropped!

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