I don't know why I have two blogs out side of my own overweening sense of self importance but I am going to amalgamate the two together and see how it looks. I work in motion graphics nowadays and I will hopefully start putting some relate work up soon enough, though I have to check copywrite issues etc. I am more into the motion graphics side (Maya/After Effects mainly) of things than anything, it is probably what I should have been doing my current work for the last twenty years, though the deadlines are a killer at times.

Of course, on the other hand, I have just bought a load of of paint, canvas etc so I still haven't given it up even thought I probably should do... and I have been boarding a small film thing that I would like to do...if I get the time....and pay the gas bill...

Here's some of the work from my other site:








aodhánrilke said…
beautiful drawings, I especially love the woman in the bath - its fluid and forceful - a skillful balance. Did it entail having to stand on the edge of the bath? I particularly like the lost edge on the right arm and the soft outline shadow on her left side.

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