Thursday, August 2, 2007

Matte Painting

I love doing Matte painting, the little I have done so far. It combines both my 2d and 3d skills, though I think I have a way to go yet...if I ever got the chance to devote myself to it I think I could be pretty good at it...;0)

Scary estate

Some visualization sketches I have been doing for a film company hereabouts. Again, if I had more time, I think these would be/could be better. Or at least if I devoted myself to doing one thing..

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More Core Concept Art

A few more concept images from my time at Core...

Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Concept art

Some of the concept art I produced for the game....

Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary

Here's some of the 3d work I produced for the canned PSP Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary game Core were making.

I think we were doing a good job considereing the limitations. It would have certainly been one of the better looking PSP games on the market. It was of course, in the end made by Crystal Dynamics in the States.

The Third Policeman

One day I hope I will be involved in some way in the making of a film of Flann O'Brien's "The Third Policeman", even if it's just making the tea.

Until that time I still have these old illustrations I did for it, years ago. I have a sketch book somewhere full of sketches from the book, I will have to dig it up someday.

The Angel of Darkness

a couple of pics from my old Angel of Darkness work, you can see more at my old site, It hasn't been updated in a long, long time and some of the links don't work properly but there is a load of stuff there, not all of it crap...