The third Policeman again + What's Your News

Continuing my vague obsession with the The Third Policeman, just knocked this up in Mudbox/ day, one day...!

I cheated a bit as the hair was created using Shave and a Haircut but it was only the trail version so no mental Ray render and I had to remove the grid from the Maya render. Can't wait to get the full version as it looks beautiful to use when compared with Maya hair, just have to rustle up €500 (some hope).

In other news, What's Your News debuted on Nickjr(uk) this week, a show I worked on about a year and a half ago. Looks great and the kids love it, the shows web site is here. Nice to see a lot of the work I did is still in the show, I had assumed it would have all been ditched. I will put stuff from the show up if I get the clearance.


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